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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

what's up 25 years old lady as its 2019-
first of all, i am very grateful for the past year as He granted me so much happiness and achievement that i never dream of after all the tears and thousands downtime- Alhamdulillah! well, i end up my internship life in HSE field that i almost landed a job in secretarial department (in the same company that i used to be an intern) yes i know that it was all of sudden from on site and hands on personnel to the on desk- related to corporate and secretarial but then i think twice and rewind all of those blood and tears i'm struggling for almost 6 years in my field- it breaks me into a cold sweat to decide what i want in my career path and somehow it quite stressful when people keep telling you to do something with your degree like i'd been useless all the time luls? thus i decided to kill those bad vibes no matter whut anyone says i would always live my life that makes me happy- isn't its enough to make a reason to be an activist? elephant activist,  to be precise. 

maybe someday i will blog about how i am not ashamed to not be someone that others want me to be? herherher iwish icould!