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Monday, February 6, 2017

i have ongoing and never ending issues with my skin and always suffered from super sensitive allergy that gets irritated easily. i thought that two thousand seventeen gonna be the year where this twenty three old lady mind a bit about having the healthier skin. now that i have a lot of time to treat my skin evenly since i did not expose with outdoor activity much like before. hopefully that this gonna pay off soon, even if it takes few months or longer but i hope that it works really soon ya paliiii palii wa!
its february with this sprained psoas that stop me from running for one whole months afterwards. needless to say, i decided to start run slow and kept it at the lowest mileage ever since and to be honest i never been this miserable with annoying auto 'arghhh' with each legs swing. this situation force myself not to care about other people that using the same park yet i found its funny how weirdly people stare cuz i made so much noise while struggling to run he he he. since running is my love i also tend to love even harder on other things like; yoga cuz i really love to see how capable and how far my body can go thru the stretch even i know that this could make me drowning in pain when you started to challenge yourself to do the new level form of yoga but well i never give a shiz about the pain, i can tell cuz one of the reasons i broke my psoas muscle was because i try hard to get back on my handstand after a long break up with yoga for a quite long long period so here i go live along with this sprained. second, i never got bored of hiit routine as i do varied the workout thus i able to hit the boredom while kick the ass, hiit never disappoint in improving my endurance and haey thirdly, when it comes to strength training it only means i only use my body weight instead of any equipment as for me there is no need to have lifting equipment to complete your so called strength training. truly, these opened up a work of exercise that help to recover back to running routines and its been fantastic for all this while. its true that i already do these for almost three years but now the situation is difference, where i mind yacking all of these just to remind myself that i am still the strong old me even if i did not feeling any better yet from the injury. for now, i always keep it pressure free i run when i want to run and how long i want for that is the only way for me to heals the longing for a long run more often in the next few months. but for now i am enjoying the journey. the journey where i decided to start back from zero. that is where i start from a few years ago :)