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Saturday, May 19, 2018

salam ramadhan! 
i have been waiting for this day to come so that i can finally blog how relieved it was to end up my 6 years and a half journey with so much struggling and falling down. week by weeks leading up to the final viva symposium and submission of my thesis, i could not even breath smoothly with so many obstacles that drag me along- i remember how miserable it was and how stressful it was being immersed in something that makes me felt so insecure. as for now, i could proudly declare that i finally won this battle, the battle that i commit to make sure to give my very best to make sure that i wont give up on the middle of journey eventho i shattered a few days before the viva presentation (i can't deny that i often shattered myself upon the completion of my research project lol) yet i come back stronger and nailed it with the 'best poster award on symposium day'. but a few days later i found myself bewildered than overjoyed that something hit me real and now i know that i almost frgt at the end of this month- i still have few papers to sit for final exam! after all, as an academic- you nevur stop learning. 

still, how it likessssss to be finished, tho? :'D