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Friday, May 5, 2017

so this mid term break ended great, i began a two-to-three project with frustrating mood yet glad that i made a good progress afterwards. i met with many awesome people who really energized me i got a chance to met a few friends of kambing lembu ayam kampung and so much more and to pluck a fresh mushroom-collect those telur puyu- haey not forgetting all sorts of merayap satu kampung yas this is how i got in excessive sweat. secondly, i am so relieved that finally an aerotech company did contact and give a permission to visit their factory in order for me to go thru how iso 14001 be implemented in their factory, so huge favor (it is). on top of everything, i just realize that all things ended up settling in my own hometown this is the reason why i love melaka so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh more lol but after an incredibly busy schedule i felt like i am more like a body bag with a beating and racing heart that is how exhausted i was! luckily, to received a number of brownies order from people around really help to bring out my mood well it may be that i love 'baking' money that much that adila would ignored and would put a wholeheartedly on it no matter how lunyai she is right now

am i? ha ha