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Friday, April 28, 2017

glad that i am focusing on my school my assignments my never ending test and exam and all things that brings good. so goodbye to lecturer hall noisy class unmotivated students presentation and report stress cheer for no more long days and short nights of learning -well, hello to lazy days extensive reading of novels watching youtube baking good stuff eating alott and maybe having abit of fresh air but to be true i cant nevurr talk that shit in real situation that am fuck up as this mid term break did not help to relax this miserable mind. with few projects waiting to be settling down anyway awhh thanks to whoever that concern much about making us students spending our free time with unnecessary project which not worthy for the two credit hour truly i am. fucked. up. 

for better or worse, i always choose to turn out things to be the best no matter how shitty things are am goin to nailed it all.

adila's mid term break turn flames to dust,
al fatihah