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Friday, January 27, 2017


when i was growing up, there is something so hard that i cannot even tolerate with anyone that argue with anything that i want to buy. having and not having something was a no brain for me cuz i always want to have the thing i could not differs between wanting and needing i felt like i need everything and its easy for this mindset to cont with the only thing holding back the purchase being how much money is in my bank acc yelah i am so twenty three i dont simply burden my parents with these things. so i start to making a small simple step making a list of things i do not need instead of do things i need to remind myself that no matter how much money i have i do not need everything that on sale and i found this really freeing and with this i hope that i can cut much cost from unnecessary things, aite dila lets get over with your sudden random thought huh? oh yas the final over and it felt so good to be free for awhile from the pressure of assignments and pack schedule i am very done with myself struggling for one point five years and more challenges for the years to come. i dont have anything listed in mind like other classmates told me so, and i think that with or without sem break, i always choose to rest my mind, dealing with hunger and feed my craving while enjoying books cuz people and social media no longer entertain me.

am i that odd, oh may be