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Sunday, January 1, 2017

log off, shut down

assalamualaikum satu januari, its my injured psoas muscle rest day.....
i decided that my first thing of 2017 will be the thing that i love to do the most, which is running!  but yeah, things does not allow me to pay off the enjoyment on my first run event for this year when am noticing much of tightness here and a sharp pain there cuz my deep psoas muscle hit me real hard. i personally have done this thinking myself- its what runners do, just push thru. but i can't really move and swing and step forward cuz its hurts so much. thus, i decided to DNS and never wanted to joint any races. kah! pergi mampus, dua ribu tujuh belas gonna be lots of running scene. but first, speed up muscle recovery needed!

well, runner suam suam kuku shud getting ready for final exam, to. 
hi hi hi