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Thursday, January 1, 2015


just dont ask why healthy food is expensive but ask why junk food is so cheap. well this explained me alottt. lets get one thing straight here; aiyem a full time student and fer a mean time being i dont live with my family and i do not have tons of money. trust me my bank acc is a sad sad punchline when it comes to where all those money disappeared w/o i realized where the fuck they were gone even when i try as hard as i can to save them ( i really did, but yeah segala bil and sewa rumah each month will eventually make me cry inside) and i wouldnt be asking money from mak ayah coz i dont think i should- fer me, this is my life and i am responsible to survive independently even i know, they are much concern about this issues. but, it is not really expensive to eat well and being healthy as i know myself very well now- that i would rather spend my money on food that will keep me healthy than spend in the future on medicine that will wipe me out and so i spend a greater of money on food. eh eh eh hold that! i dont diet coz as for now i just eat according to my own calories intake and my goal. but still, i am confusing about one thing about those expensive chocolate, that i still cant get rid off and at last i considered them as my healthy list as it always help me goin thru my stressing day and night :D and then ya know, i have got to cut cost somewhere and manage my finances well coz its two-thousand-fifteen and this brain of mine should function wisely than before nah lets get started dear my head to toe!