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Saturday, December 27, 2014

i am home, and i feel alive and i feel super duper comfy and this feeling iz the nicest that i couldnt remember how long that i keep those heartache that i can't reached mak and ayah as i always did. well, my study week that supposed to start last sat was distracted as i was struggling the very last year diploma's life to settle up scientific poster for undergraduate health science research symposium as well as my thesis. after goin thru this, i dont think that i would keep standing there and managed my unconditionally stress and unstable emotion if my loved ones were not there to keep cheering me up, i am thankful. sobs *laphingus* nah, a yay fer me that i managed to end up the most rushing-stress-hectic- life of this shiz thingy oh hey good job dear-self!:'D i have less than a month to keep survive for my finals to be strong to be bold till the end of the time. fighting?

and, hey there. always be strong for you and your family sake! inshaAllah everything gonna turns well, back to normal, soonnnnn. sabar, indeed Allah is always with the patient, aite?