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Saturday, August 3, 2013


" why don't your wear make up?"
because make up is really something that not my thing and i have never been able to get into it.

"you should try once and see how it goes? "
hmm i have. once. the very first and last one fer this matter of time.

" when you did put it on?"
i can't remember it well. when i'm in standard five or six maybe.

" your still kids! and make up on? "
yeah, my teacher did it. i have too because in 2005/06 i was in charged to put something like a badge on our prime minister of education at Avillion Legacy Melaka. there was a quite huge event those days.

"but it was a very long time ago. your now 18, try it again"
(asked when was 18. now i am 19)
nope.maybe someday but i'm not sure that i will.

"but girls look good in make up aite?"
well. they are pretty :)


p/s: "dila you look sick and ugly with your panda eyes!"
-yurp, i am :)