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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


i am eating a bowl of tomyam maggi and two plate of nasi putih with my mak's lauk and an almond chocolate ice cream wall's that i bought yesterday at mydin! oh i am eating a half bar of chocolate too. i think that i am eating like alot today. well i won't tell more what did i eat because its to too much than usual. yeah now it almost 0800pm and i do still have alot of time at night. what to do? i am not hungry but yet my stomach asked me to fill them eventho its fulled.
i know that i should not eat like i did but still, i don't know why i still?

''ni pasal apa makan tak berhenti, dah buang tebiat apa?"

i just hoping that tomorrow will be normal back.
i feel like i never eat foods for ten years or something today.
now imma having stomachache. ya know how it feels? -.-
haih, what should i spend time with later?
to sleep or eat some more? 

"pergi berzikir lagi elok"
-mak, again.

p/s: emotional eating without thinking, i am.