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Sunday, August 25, 2013


mak told me that she's own 19 y/o daughter that she think her daughter will someday growing up as a big girl. but her daughter seems not so into being a big girl because she is so addicted and excited when she look through those cartoon T. mak told me too that her daughter should stop adore and stop buying those superman, cookie monster, elmo, domo, spongebob. well in short that stop buying all exist cartoon T.mak told her daughter too to stop asking over something childish like why create gajah look kurus in whatsapp? or even says non-logical thing like mak, fetch me a cutey gajah can us? mak told to just says a thing for once and don't keep repeating a sentence or a word. also, asked to stop fight for a remote with bro just because wanna watch disney channel or cartoon network. but you know her daughter told her mak back that being mature has nothing to do with. mak cannot says a thing and just geleng hoping that her daughter will mature outside and inside. but sometimes her daughter thought that she may not matured outside but deeply inside she is, maybe?

p/s: oh simple thing where have you gone
 imma gettin older and i need something to rely on