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Saturday, January 23, 2016


girl who thought she had lost all hope loses last additional bit of hope she didnt even know she still had- congratz that you hit the final really hard and did struggled you even live till this sec no you see, anat cant really kill you after then ha ha ha. oh thanks, for the short vacay that i really need for the heart and mental healing. i just love the short-escaped part, to be conclude. oh yes, people keep telling i am gettin fat they dunno that i am enjoying my recovery body i dont like to be hampir-keding its hurt weh if things hit me like bila kau tutup pintu kereta then pinggang ter hit sikit at the side of the pintu, that feeling just-- em just sakit lah and i need more fat i hate my kuku turns pale and blue during lecture its too cold i cant bear enuff that i need to get out for five or ten and thus, my body has rolls kuts the lemak will protect my internal organ and i can say that i am feeling comfortable in my own skin i am not here to be obsessed to lost kg i just wanted to be healthy and looks FIT not KURUS. hi! two thousand six am i bein to late? a week more. i cant wait.