my blog's life isn't about pleasing anybody.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

once again, inside me is about to explode and i dont know how to react how to release it all i need to talk but i cant. people around just dont know how much i struggling myself to change my lifestyle and how much time did i spent to changed me. you just dont know you dont see what i did and you really have no idea how i wakey up my mind to take the challenge and pick a little piece of courage to endure this little things. its hard. really hard that it pains me to continue but then i realize it hurts much worse to stop. and honestly, i gettin fed up when most of people out there turns and said that i take pills and so whuteva nonsense things. nah please shut your mouth off, fyi i stand still on my own and nobody is really support my 'journey' no one-includes my family and person i close. i dont talk much there is no point for me to tell others cuz i know its pointless its all depends on me to take an action nobody knows what the hell was im doin all this while and so now, no one will ever see me quit cuz i simply wont im just doin this for bettering myself for my own sake i dont do this to please anyone and this way ain't end. so people, dont look down dont talk shitt on me and anyone else unless your helpin me helpin them up. save a little bit shame on you.