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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

i know, its been a long time since i have blog anything eh demmyu less than few weeks je kot but its really come to a peak where i have not got round to sorting myself out well enough to have time to talkshit about anything here. february two thousand fifteen, it still feels weird when i need to prepare myself earlier in the morning-driving-stuck in jammed-punch card-making new friends-adapt to new environment-task and paper work not really a paper work like assignment in college but the real project one and all sort of thing instead of prepare myself at not so early in the morning for classes i have to admit that like bit-a-little-bit i miss that life so much. so far i havent post too much wordy in here and it seems good that i can at least safe my stupidity bein exposed ha ha ha. oh yay i started my industrial training since last week and it takes me a while to get used to it. everything is goin well although i am struggling at the moment to keep up with project proposed by supervisor and hopefully not for much longer. my buddies are all nice and nice and nice except for when everyday i went to take 'a' bar of chocolate like seriously only a bar but end up buying so many for lunch and they scolding for spending so much money on that and i be like la la la cekelattt titewww bukan awuckss! dan ya i did ever wish i had be like charlie and win a golden ticket to visit willy wonka chocolate factory so i can take whuttevah i wanch.