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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


how could there is no post that claimed what im doin these days?! well, last two weeks was the last day of my second years which mean that alot of unproductive thing will be my besties fer a few months. first thing first, i can now sleep freely and eating like nobody cares and just spending time as much as i can with my comfort bed pillow ice cream chocolate mak's cooking and of course with mak and ayah as well with my two's adik that i cant barely see them :/ second thing, the most nerve wrecking part had ended, the provisional result released and where all i can says is Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah that i passed all the subjects and my pointer just doin good even there is a little bit disappointment that i still cant get DL. and now, i can enjoy my semester break in full blast! yay me, please.

p/s: with this, announced that ill be much too big everywhere