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Friday, January 24, 2014

sometimes people, friends and even my close relatives asked me a question which ,
" how can you be so antisocial? "
well, i never called myself as antisocial because i am just me and i  seem impossible to approach at first but if i know ya fer a long time i will talk but i may sound cold at first but later i will begin to warm up you.
thanks to the people that may be concern through out my personality that even ask me to watch hindustani movie titled "kal ho na ho" just to tell me to be happy to always smile to enjoy life to the max because me iz seem as a very not enjoyable person. you just doin great to confide me to watch this movie and even gimme a catchy phrase, kal ho na ho , so just give your best and show the world that you exist and you will be the next naina, dila. HA HA HA. this is not funny, like literally~

p/s: but me iz no likey kal ho na ho because the hero iz died, cries!