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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Dila Zakaria,
what is wrong with your life? yours. 
you says you enjoy your life as it is.
then why bother to worry about everything alot? 
how many times would you tell yourself that whatever 
is going to happen, it will eventually happen and no escape from that.
so why worry?
even if you got stressed yourself too much you will end up create more problem. you promise yourself to do best in your life,
why fear then?
fer many times, please do turn to your old dilazakaria that stay positive
do crazy things make people think you are heartless and all those thingy's that make you are you.
no one says that you can't worry about your life but you are just react too over now.
you are tired to watch yourself being pathetic. 
so why still?

p/s: life remain simple so why waste fer nothing?