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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

before twenty

23rd July 2013

gua tanya,
"mak. hari ini hari apa? "
mak jawab,
" hm hari selasa kan? 

fine fine fine.

wakeyyup this morning with Alhamdulillah and tears in eyes. 
Alhamdulillah, i am still. breathing. 
By the will and might of Allah azza wa jal . 
He gave me life after having given me death, at night.

sembilanbelas. gua genap sembilanbelas.
she's know she's fragile and she's know she's have to be strong fer herself because no one can fix her.
yeah she will always keep fighting for the another chance given by Him.

thanks mak thanks ayah.
there's no word to describe what mak and ayah mean to me.
there's nothing can repay fer what mak and ayah have been done.
there's no one could replace mak and ayah,
there's no regret being mak and ayah daughter.
sorry that i still can't be the best.
sorry that i am always mess up everything.
count on me, i will make mak ayah proud of me.
someday. its a promise.

p/s: thanks besties, buddies, ex-classmates, esp methodist'ian !
fer all the heartwarming birthday wishes.
shed tears when i was read each of it :')
thanks fer still remembering this after two years. with no facebook noti :3
miss you guys too. badly.